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Shrine Deluxe Edition Out on 28th October
Posted by Admin 25 October 2013
Having enjoyed a prolific career with many and varied collaborators and guises, the music of the singer born Diane Catherine Sealy will mean different things to different people. That is to say, hip-hop fans may link her with Gang Starrs Guru. George Michael devotees may...
MP3 Store Open!
Posted by Admin 25 August 2011
Hi Everyone Thanks for your messages on the site so far! Our MP3 Store is open! Head on over to the Store to download some Dee C Lee tracks, just 70p each or 3.99 for a 6-track bundle. Keep an eye out for more on their way......
Welcome to New Official Dee C Lee Website
Posted by Dee 1 July 2011
Hi Everyone, Its so exciting to think that I can communicate with you through this, my lovely new Website. I hope you will be an active part of it.Many years have passed since I last release a record and I have kept myself out...