October 2021

I popped into TWR Radio to discuss the progress of my next album on the Acid Jazz label. I'll post the link when it is available on Catch-up.  

August 2021

Soul, Rhythm and Blues podcast

 On 20th August, I joined the Soul, Rhythm and Blues podcast for an hour and had a wonderful time with Pete, Matt and John. What a laugh we had. Please have a listen when you can.


I am delighted to announce that I have signed a recording contract with the wonderful Acid Jazz Records. I will be writing songs over the next few months and am so looking forward to this new venture.  Details to follow.

June 2021

Many thanks for your Birthday messages

Just a quick post to say thank you very much for all the cards, gifts, messages and Social media posts for my recent 'big' day.  It is so much appreciated.   I promise there will be more amazing news soon.   Dee x 

December 2020

SEE THE DAY is 35!

Can you believe it has been 35 years since See The Day was released. It charted at number 90 in early November and would peak at number 3 the week before the Christmas chart,  remaining in the top 10 for the rest of 1985, selling over 250,000 copies.

6th December 1985, a crazy 35 years ago, my single See The Day climbed into the Top 3 and was a potential for the Christmas number 1.


I recorded a little message for Facebook here and I promise there will be a lot more news soon! Looking forward to 2021 and thank you all for the continued comments, emails and messages. Dee x

Chart Progress to number 3 in Dec 1985

2nd Nov - Charted at Number 90

9th Nov- Climbed 39 places to Number 51

16th Nov  - Climbed 13 places to Number 38 

23rd Nov  - Climbed 20 places to Number 18 

30th Nov - Climbed 14 places to Number 4 

7th Dec- Climbed 1 place to Number 3

14th Dec  - Stayed at Number 3

21st Dec - Dropped 3 places to Number 6

28th Dec  - Dropped 4 places to Number 10

4th Jan 1986 - Stayed at Number 10

SEE THE DAY promotional video is available on MTV

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Streaming on my official Spotify page

Long Hot Summers - Doc

Many thanks for all your wonderful posts, comments and messages over the last few days by email and on Facebook. For those who have seen it, did you enjoy the documentary? & what about THAT finale we all managed to keep a secret  What a wonderful time we had. This photo has just been released by the team x

Seeing the Long Hot Summers documentary was so emotional. We had a screening in London recently and I kept poking Mick and he kept poking me. It just made me think, my god, where did that all go?

I said to Steve later, what we’ve got to do as soon as we’re allowed to hang out together is do a little screening, just for the band. I’ll do the nibbles and I’ll get Steve and Paul and Mick and a couple of family members, and we’ll just have to watch it again together. Because it just has to be done. We had such a great life. I’d forgotten what a great life we had, and the amount of brilliant things we did.

Saturday 31st October at 9pm. Let me know on my Facebook page what you think of the documentary.


Our gorgeous girl's birthday Dinner, September 2020 xx

A signing

London, 8th July 2020
London, 8th July 2020
“May love and peace takeover and I really do look forward to seeing everyone again.”
London, 8th July 2020
London, 8th July 2020
Along with the band members of The Style Council I was asked to sign a drum skin being auctioned for a Boys Boxing Club, towards funds for their mini bus. This arrived via Iain (@mrcoolsdream) today for signing. Stay Safe everyone & best wishes x 

Lisa I’Anson on Solar Radio

DEE & LISA - Show 3

Wow, Solar Radio my 3rd and final appearance - It was such a pleasure to do all 3 shows -  Please tune in live via the app and listen in weekly to Lisa.   Love & Best wishes, Dee xx 

Link to Lisa’s Mixcloud

Lisa I’Anson on Solar Radio

DEE & LISA - Show 2


Wow, what a response to Solar Radio Part 1 last  week. Thank you guys so much.  Well after another week in LA I was invited back onto LISA I’ANSON Solar Radio show!! It was such a laugh.... and of course amazing to hang out with the girls again and play some top top music.  Just listening back to the last 30 and where else can you get Guru,Slam Slam, Young Disciples, Galliano, Mother Earth and my Leah all within 30 minutes. Some good, good memories were added in there too so please have a listen on Mixcloud when you can and shoutout ontheir page. SOLAR RADIO, tune into Lisa live via the app.   Love & Best wishes, Dee xx 

Link to Lisa’s Mixcloud

Lisa I’Anson on Solar Radio

DEE & LISA - Show 1

Whilst over in LA,  I had a fantastic time hanging with my amazing friend Lisa I'Anson. I sat in on her 2 hour show for the brilliant SOLAR RADIO,  talking about my career, playing some of my favourite songs and touching on my plans for 2020.

Please have a listen via  Mixcloud and shout out to Lisa via her Solar Radio and Facebook pages weekly. Love,  Dee x

Link to Lisa’s Mixcloud

HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes for 2020.

Happy New Year with best wishes to you all for 2018. Apologies as always for the gap between posts, but I will try and post more updates as the year progresses. For now please look out for interview snippets & studio performances tonight (5th Jan) on Top of The Pops 1985 on BBC 4 at 9pm & 10pm (There are 2 shows back to back). It was a big year for The Style Council & my solo career on Top of The Pops, and with Soul Deep just exiting the charts in January, the releases of Walls Come Tumbling Down & The Lodgers both warranted band Studio performances. Then of course See The Day was released and with it reaching number 3 in December either myself in the studio or the video were regularly shown ..... All that on just that one TV show alone! 

It will be many weeks until TOTP 1985 reaches See The Day, and I cannot say much more until it is aired this evening so for now thank you for your support & have a fantastic 2018 x

Hey friends, it's been too long again! 

I want to start by thanking all of you that sent messages after the sad news about George.  Although we hadn't been in touch for a while, his death touched me deeply and made me think of how young and innocent we all were when we were doing PA's around the country in a crappy old van. Sheer talent and hard work got George to the top, where he'll stay (For those that question why I didn't do any interviews - I refused).


I've just came back from another great writing session with Arden Hart and I'm really pleased with three new tunes, one a big slow ballad.  If any of you were at any of my last gigs, you might remember "Mountains," another slow one, but much more sultry and sexy!  I'm so excited and can't wait to start recording again.


And gigs?  I want to!


The closer I get to having a new album, the more "interesting" the news I'll have to post.  Until then, sending out love, peace health and happiness vibes..................xxxxx

I attended The Family Silver gig at Under The Bridge in Sept 2016 and it was lovely to surprise Steve White.

Here, signing "Mr Cool's Dream" with Steve & Sally looking on.  Photograph: Mario Pietrangeli