Please Stay Safe x

Please do have a listen to LISA I'ANSON's incredible show on SOLAR RADIO.  I had a fantastic time sitting in with her on New Years Day. 

1st January 2020 -  HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes for 2020. I will update the site VERY soon with something that you might enjoy listening too.    Best wishes for 2020, Dee xx

With Andrew, 16th April 2019
Happy New Year with best wishes to you all for 2018. Apologies as always for the gap between posts, but I will try and send more updates as the year progresses. For now please look out for interview snippets & studio performances tonight (5th Jan) on Top of The Pops 1985 on BBC 4 at 9pm & 10pm (There are 2 shows back to back). It was a big year for The Style Council & my solo career on Top of The Pops, and with Soul Deep just exiting the charts in January, the releases of Walls Come Tumbling Down & The Lodgers both warranted band Studio performances. Then of course See The Day was released and with it reaching number 3 in December either myself in the studio or the video were regularly shown ..... All that on just that one TV show alone! It will be many weeks until TOTP 1985 reaches See The Day, and I cannot say much more until it is aired so for now thank you for your support & have a fantastic 2018 x

Love you London - So proud to be one of you !

So very sorry for your tragic loss Manchester

Hey friends, it's been too long again! 


I want to start by thanking all of you that sent messages after the sad news about George.  Although we hadn't been in touch for a while, his death touched me deeply and made me think of how young and innocent we all were when we were doing PA's around the country in a crappy old van. Sheer talent and hard work got George to the top, where he'll stay (For those that question why I didn't do any interviews - I refused).


I've just came back from another great writing session with Arden Hart and I'm really pleased with three new tunes, one a big slow ballad.  If any of you were at any of my last gigs, you might remember "Mountains," another slow one, but much more sultry and sexy!  I'm so excited and can't wait to start recording again.


And gigs?  I want to!


The closer I get to having a new album, the more "interesting" the news I'll have to post.  Until then, sending out love, peace health and happiness vibes..................xxxxx


I'll be posting updates here and also via my Facebook page.



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Finally please feel free to leave a suggestion on any of my solo releases you'd like me to revisit/revamp (See the September 2016 newsletter for further details).


Thank you.



Rest In peace George. With my love xx


What a year it's been. It's quite hard to look back and think of any good news for the world and I'm sure it hurts your heart as much as it does mine.


Happier things - I'm slowing right down now, done all the shopping, delivered the presents, and had my annual Christmas party, which I'm only just recovering from (pictures will be posted later).  As my boy is in LA it's going to be a quiet day, just my Mum and Leah and her man and lunch at my local.........yay no cooking


I've told you that I'm hoping to have new material for the end of next year. I've been co-writing with Arden in the past month and we have some great tunes which I'm working on lyrics for when I can get some peace. It's been a long time since I worked with Arden, and it's so fantastic to find that we've slipped back into the vibe so easily. I'm so excited to be back in that partnership and I can't wait to start recording. Better get on with those lyrics.....


I so hope you have a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.


Here's to a kinder 2017.


Peace love and happiness to you and yours.


Dee xxx



Was an album I released in Japan on Pony Canyon. 


1. I Will Wait

2. I Won't Break Your Heart

3. In This Life

4. Don't You

5. To Have & To Hold

6. I Love You

7. No-One Needs to Know

8. When You Were Mine

9. You Were the One

10. Cajun Moon

11. How Far (Martin Luther King Speech Version)


October 2016 - Los Angeles




I'm just back from a trip to LA to see my gorgeous son and do a bit of work. I keep being told off by management for not sending photos, but I don't really do the selfie thing very often.


Anyway, this is a photo Leah sneaked and sent with my phone...I know, it could be anywhere!


Sending love xxx

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I attended The Family Silver gig at Under The Bridge on 9th Sept and it was lovely to surprise Steve White after quite a few years. We are pictured here signing "Mr Cool's Dream" with Sally looking on.  

Photograph: Mario Pietrangeli

September 8th 2016


Hey, it's me!  Okay, so I've taken ages to get my s..t together and not just to be mum. My gorgeous kids are making their way in the world and doing great, so I'm gearing up mentally (and going to the gym) to start putting the final bits in place for my new project which I expect to launch at the end of next year (fingers crossed). The album will have some re-recorded or re-vamped old tunes (let me know of any you think would be good as I'm going through them all now) and lots of new tunes including co-writes with Arden Hart - who co-wrote a lot of "Smiles" and Adamski - who I wrote with ages ago in NY.


I know you'll ask if I plan to gig and the truth is it's so expensive when you want a band of great musicians (bless you for the offers), but I may do some semi acoustic type gigs of some sort, but haven't got as far as thinking how or what the line up would be - other than bv's. I guess it will also depend on what ends up being on the album as well.


I'm so excited about the next year or so and it's just so good to know that I have such support and loyalty from my little team that  consists of me, Jill, Bernie and now Iain, and you my friends.


So now I can keep in touch either through this page or the Dee C Lee Facebook page on a regular basis at last. 


Sending peace love and happiness, always.


Dee xxx


Shrine Deluxe Edition

 25 October 2013


Having enjoyed a prolific career with many and varied collaborators and guises, the music of the singer born Diane Catherine Sealy will mean different things to different people. That is to say, hip-hop fans may link her with Gang Starr's Guru. George Michael devotees may remember her most fondly for her time as backing vocalist with Wham! Admirers of Paul Weller will forever associate her with The Style Council, both for her role as a vocalist and for her marriage to Paul in 1986. For many people, however, Dee is most famous for her timeless hit ballad, 'See The Day', which rocketed her to stardom.


In fact, Dee had been recording intermittently as a solo artist for two years prior to her breakthrough. Differences of opinion between artist and label had delayed her progress but eventually the artists got her way and her self-belief was vindicated when her song peaked at No. 3 on the UK singles chart in November 1985. Although her follow-up, 'Come Hell Or Waters High', flirted with the Top 50, CBS struggled to capitalise on this success and Dee's eventual debut album Shrine didn't enjoy the exposure it fully deserved. Later singles 'Hey What'd Ya Say' and 'Hold On' (co-written by Junior Giscombe) failed to chart.


Long unavailable on CD, Shrine has now been expanded into a 2-CD edition to encapsulate pretty much every recording the singer made for CBS between 1983 and 1986. From her early forays into pop/dance through to more mature performances on the back of Shrine, Dee was able somehow to balance her commitments with The Style Council  at that time one of the biggest acts in Britain  with pursuing a solo career.


By 1987, however, artist and record label had grown apart and Dee left CBS for pastures new and the added commitments of starting a family. After The Style Council dissolved around 1989, Dee fronted a new project more firmly rooted in dance music and R&B, Slam Slam, with help from both Paul and The Blow Monkeys' Dr. Robert. In 1993, she guested on Guru's Jazzmatazz project, singing on the Top 30 hit 'No Time To Play' alongside fellow guest Ronny Jordan. In due course, Dee made time for two further solo albums Things Will Be Sweeter (1994) and Smiles (1998) and a single for acclaimed label Mo Wax, 'New Reality Vibe' (1994).


Come the new millennium, Dee's career diversified. While 'See The Day' was a Top hit for Girls Aloud, Dee played cameo roles in the films Rabbit Fever (2006) and The Town that Boars Me (in 2008, alongside her son Natt), performed 'See The Day' on the TV show Loose Women show. She has also returned to the stage on occasion, both as a solo performer and also, in 2009, with a collective called Favoured Nations.




Disc 1: SHRINE

  5. HE'S GONE
  10. HOLD ON

Bonus tracks:


13. LUCK (Live Version)



  2. YES
  3. SELINA WOW WOW (Extended Mix)
  4. HEY WHAT DO YOU SAY (Extended Version)
  6. YIPPEE-YI-YAY! (Extended Version)
  9. SHRINE (Club Mix)
  10. DON'T DO IT BABY (Remix, alias Club Mix)
  11. YIPPEE-YI-YAY! (Dub Mix, alias Remix Instrumental)
  13. HEY WHAT'D YA SAY (Remix)

1st July 2011


Hi Everyone,

It's so exciting to think that I can communicate with you through this, my lovely new Website. I hope you will be an active part of it.

Many years have passed since I last release a record and I have kept myself out of the limelight to raise my two gorgeous kids. Now they have left home and are doing their own thing, it's time for me to get back to my second love, music.

You can read my latest biography to find out what's been going on since I release my Things Will Be Sweeter album, but needless to say, Girls Aloud doing a cover of See The Day in 2005 was pretty cool !

I've hardly ever stopped writing songs and have some pretty good tunes written with Adamski, Tic Tak and Syze & Richard Robson, they had their first airing when I started working with my band new band. It took months of auditioning to find the right musicians, but having a band and gigging again is so fantastic, the last major gigs I did was The Jazz Cafe and Phoenix Festival in 1996 !

Peace and Love

Dee xxx